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       (Served with Ginger Salad and White Rice)

1.   Pad Thai
         Stir fried jumbo shrimp with Thai noodle in Thai spices,
         traditional Thai dish


2.   Thai Shrimp or Scallop
         Jumbo shrimp or scallop sauteed with selected vegetable
         in a Chef's special Thai sauce


3.   Sizzling Basil Scallop
         Sauteed sea scallop with selected vegetables in a Thai
         basil sauces and served in a hot sizzling plate


4.   Bangkok Chicken
         White chicken slices shallow fried till creaky but juicy, then
         sauteed with fresh ginger sauce


5.   Lemon Grass Shrimp or Chicken
         Sauteed jumbo shrimp or white meat chicken with selected
         vegetables in Thai lemon grass sauce & served in a hot

6.   Red Curry Chicken
         Sauteed white meat chicken with selected vegetables in a
         Chef's special spicy red curry sauce & topped with peanut

7.     Coconut Shrimp
         Crispy jumbo shrimp glazed with Chef's special sweet
         coconut sauce and garnished with broccoli

8.     Thai Cashew Nut Chicken
         Stir-fried white meat chicken with onion, scallion, zucchini
         and cashew nuts in Chef's special fish sauce

    Indicates Hot & Spicy
       Brown Rice Available

***Please advise us if you have any food allergies before you order.***
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